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Satellite Based Classes

Satellite Platforms offers interactivity similar to a live classroom session, where a student sitting in any part of the country, at any given point in time, can interact freely with the professor, raise questions, queries, etc. making the interaction as spontaneous and natural as in a regular classroom. There is extensive use of two video, voice and data. The pedagogy is highly interactive. It consists of a judicious blend of lectures, real life case studies, quizzes, assignments, etc

There is huge savings on location transfers and living costs while continuing with their existing job, as the participants do not have to leave their cities or jobs to attend the program. Additionally, since the course curriculum is designed keeping in mind the needs, expertise and skills of the professionals there is focused and optimal learning from premier institutes and its faculty, giving students a career edge.

DBMI is launching Satellite based Classes across the country to make sure that we reach till the farthest corner of country. Classes already started. Wait for announcement in your city. Many more in Pipeline.

Some of the key benefits:

  • We offer highest level of interactivity as in a live classroom.
  • It has built in class-management tools that help faculty in conducting the class effectively.
  • Control, Certification & Quality of content
  • The faculties - the best faculty can now centrally reach and address participants simultaneously in various cities across the country.
  • We can reach those students who cannot come to us due to time and distance constraints.
  • Best teacher can reach students where good transport is not possible.
  • Number of hours / days of every subject can be very comfortably increased.
  • Timing of teaching will be comfortable to students.
  • Best faculty can reach all centres
  • Fees much less than live classes.
  • Best technology partner, two way communication, no lack visuals or audio.
  • State of Art Venues
  • All venues have A/C and Power backup